Yep, you’re seeing it right. That’s the new Airstream behind the trusty Ford. Not quite as shiny and a pretty bumpy ride. But it has followed us all the way to our new home and helped in the nearly final step of getting settled.

So, yes, the Airstream has left us. Sold to a lovely young couple from Montreal, Quebec, it will become their home on wheels for the next while. We are still in mourning, but can’t dwell on it because we have so much to do.  Replacing a trailer for a house is one big job.

And that leads to the house progress. Kitchen, floors, counters, paint, all happening in the next two weeks. Driveway and other finishes after that. And then move in! Holy crap, how can this be?

And now to our next item, the end of the era of Walk the Edge with Us.  Soon we will be all grown up and settled in a new house, our adventures will become normal and law-abiding (or at least lower-key), and we are about to have a day- to- day existence that does not involve 200 feet of living space and different scenery every morning. Therefore, with the passing of the Airstream, so shall come the passing of this blog. Look for us in the future under a new name : We Are House-Poor – What Fun! In the meantime,  it has been an awesome adventure and more than wonderful to have you along. Now it’s time to say so long with a toast to friends and family from our new upper deck.  Love and miss you all and don’t forget to text, phone, email and best of all, visit!

Jim and Glenda



4 thoughts on “The End of an Era

  1. sorry, but u cant stop! it isn’t finished . I would love to see the progress….keep going until its all done!! I would share progress at this end but its soon slow….pictures! we need pictures!!


  2. I’m in Betty’s camp- blog continued with pics until the last finishing touch!
    Blessings to you in your new home- we will have a drink to the new roof that it never springs a leak- some kind of Ukranian philosophy!!!


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