Yes, Meanwhile in Sooke….

So things are really moving along here in our new little town. Maybe it’s the pretty-often smell of marywanna or the people that you see in long skirts and Birkenstock sandals or the feel and smell of the ocean, but whatever it is, our heads are spinning from all the things that seem to be happening as we are here walking the edge. Some of these occurances are exciting, some are annoying and some are downright strange. Observe:


I mean, really, who gets texts like this? And what does this mean, exactly? And if you did get a text like this, wouldn’t your first thought be “DELETE”? But oh no, not us, we can’t do that. We can’t do that because this text is actually, honestly, from our relatives. Yep, that’s right, we are actually related to these two. Omigod.

And so, upon getting something like this when we are alone in a strange new place with nobody to show it to or discuss it with, what do we have to do? Well, obviously we have to have an appropriate response and so we send back this:


What the heck.

So that’s the strange. Here’s the annoying.

It’s just the two of us and it’s Easter Sunday. This is a somewhat depressing thought. I mean, it’s great here, we’re glad we’ve come, but we really miss our family on holidays. And so, in an effort to distract ourselves, we do our favorite thing and go hiking and looking for whales. Off we go to what we thought was a beautiful wilderness park. Obviously we’d never before been there on a Sunday, and worse, a long holiday weekend. Geez. Here is what we found:


Old people. Out of shape, actually in a bit of danger on these rocky cliffs and sooooo slow on the trail. What are we to do? Go around them and hope for the best.


Kids. What are they doing here?  Isn’t this supposed to be for serious hikers? For slightly aging but pretty fit yuppies? The only place I want to see kids is when I visit the grandchildren and then I can’t get enough of them. But here? Hmph.


And look at this. A parking lot in a wilderness paradise! Why don’t all these people just GO HOME?

And here’s a real head-shaker.  Remember the cliffs and roots and huge rocks and mud? And us with our hiking boots and bear spray? Does the following mean we’re just old or what? Don’t answer that.




And along with all of this is the amazing beauty of this island. Around every corner is a new visual delight.





But the most exciting of all, along with the house building, is the sudden influx of visitors. To our amazement and delight, we have company every day this week.

Lunch with girlfriends! Yeeees!!


A tour and lunch with RV friends. We didn’t go fishing but if we had, Jack said he’d go just for the hal-i-bit.  Pretty corny, Jack.


Damma and Dampa playing in the park.


And a whole day spent with a dear old (nothing personal, Char) friend. Here we are looking for surfers and chillin’. What a life.


What a great week.  We are so blessed.

And then there’s progress report #3, last but not least. It seems, since the last report, we have gotten rafters and “sheeting”. In other words, almost a roof. Shingles to follow soon. Power by the end of the week. The kitchen is ordered and the windows and doors are coming. And as you can see, my secret deck up top is taking shape. Morning coffee looking at the ocean!



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