Progress Report #2

So, from the slowest builders in the world to the speediest hammer-wielding dudes you ever saw, we are progressing. The house is really taking shape but are we ready?

Unlike the last progress report, it has been a very rapid series of events around here lately and its been nearly impossible to keep up. We’re not sure where to turn next but have a massive to-do list, including two sets of visitors from Alberta and then friends from Whiterock. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s the series of events so far. You will find these pictures and descriptions riveting.


At the beginning of last week, we went to the otherwise empty lot and found this progress. Wow, rooms! Outline. Layout. House Plan.  As I decided to get busy figuring out where to put the furniture, Jim informed me that this was just something called “foundation footings”. Oh. Okay, maybe a little early to decide where to put the couch. I’ll do it tomorrow.


The next day, this is what we found. Hmm. Still kind of hard to do the interior decorating. Apparently, this is the “foundation walls”. Ok. What next?



Back again, this was waiting for us. What a sight. This is called “crawlspace backfilling”. Huh. Who knew? Fascinating.

And so, barely able to cope with all this excitement, it was time to take a break and head for  the beach. Yep, that’s right, the beach. Do you believe this? Wow, I love this place.


After a hike and a stroll on the sand, it was time to check out the house again. Jim and I didn’t want to keep interrupting the workers, so we climbed up the huge rocks that compose our backyard and took pictures from above.



Quite proud of ourselves for being so sneaky and for having seen so much progress, we headed down the hill to our little rented apartment. The next morning, back we go to the lot to find…..


What… a wall? Omigod, bring in the furniture! Put the bed over there. Where’s the dishwasher? And the couch, what about the couch?………Whoa…….Slow down. Breath.

And on it goes. So much progress, so fast. Apparently this stage is a very quick one and then there’s a slow down for interior work such as electrical and plumbing. Well, fine, I can’t handle this speed anyway. Today we stopped again for a fabulous day at the ocean with visiting family. The whales are coming and between collecting treasures and throwing rocks into the water, we watched for them.




And then, a return to the house. With things looking like this, I’m definitely moving in the couch first thing tomorrow.



Stay tuned.

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