Well, it’s past time to make a report and what a report it is. I would like to inform you that the house building is amazing, the progress unimaginable and the excitement at it’s highest pitch. For instance, here’s the guest bedroom:


Hmm, maybe that’s not the best view. Let’s try again:


And then there’s last week’s work with Jim patiently surveying his kingdom. Notice all the workers buzzing around.


But the next day, finally, progress:


So, what can we conclude from this exciting news? Well, I guess we’re building our nest little by little, as the proverb says. Patience is a virtue, says another. This too shall pass, says someone I know.  Maybe the saying “we have a very slow builder” is the most accurate of all. Anyway, no matter what it is, we are impatient and chomping at the bit. For heaven’s sake, let’s get going.

In the meantime, what are we doing to pass the time? Well, there’s never a lack of excitement here in Sooke.

With that in mind, we decide that we will hit our favorite pub to celebrate (or cry in our beer). So off we go to a building full of rowdy people, all of whom are drinking copiously, yelling at each other and eventually ignoring the great music that we, in fact, have come to hear.

After an hour or two of putting up with all of that, we decide to head home. With one last look at the bartender’s great t-shirt off we go and still manage our nine o’clock bedtime.

What a place. You can clearly see how well we fit in.

Anyway, it seems the excitement has just begun. The next day I decide to head over the local gym.

Hmm, this is encouraging. I go into the gym and the girl at the desk tells me there’s a good class for me called V-Fit. This means, apparently, “varied fitness”, which I take to mean ” suitable for various levels of fitness”. This is great because, well, I haven’t lifted a weight in what seems like centuries. Also, I hate anything resembling a push-up or a lunge, a sit-up or even sweating, for that matter. Therefore, I figure, if I do V-Fit, I can stop those silly exercises whenever I want and, additionally, if I start to sweat, I can just hang out in the ladies locker room for awhile until the madness passes.  Alright, this is lookin’ good.

And so downstairs I go. The more steps I descend, the darker it gets until I find myself in a kind of smelly, padded room that looks like twenty year old jocks might live there. Hmm, this is a lot different from my nice yoga studios with the mellow music and scented candles. Oh well. At least I still have my nice yoga outfit on, cool pants, proper workout top and matching new runners. And, oh yeah, dangly earrings. It’ll be okay.

On one side of the room is a huge man about forty years old – and no one else. Hmm, now what, oops, too late, he’s seen me. Oh oh.

Hi, I’m Dave. Welcome to the class. (What class?) Let’s get going. Oh, by the way, you can call me Dave, but by the end of this session, you’ll be probably be calling me what everybody else does.

And what would that be? I ask.

Dave Ihateyou.


Oh great. NOTE: the above picture may not be an entirely accurate representation of Dave, but you get the idea?

And so Dave Ihateyou’s “class” begins. He has me running from side to side of the room, then pounding a medicine ball (do you know what those things weigh?) as hard as I can into the floor – just pretend it’s someone you hate! he says.  Hmm, I wonder who that would be right now, Dave? After that it’s something called box lunges, high hops, spine twists and ankle beaters (Whaaaat?) and then he says, Ok, you’re warmed up, let’s get to work.

Omigod. And on it goes. There are crazy contraptions called TRX’s (or something) which yank your shoulder blades into all sorts of unnatural positions, a huge rope that weighs about a hundred pounds that I have to beat on the floor over and over again while Dave yells, Faster! and then that damn medicine ball again. This time, apparently, it is supposed to be hurled at the wall as hard as possible while doing a sit-up! 14 reps. Sets of 3. Go! What kind of torture is this?

Finally Dave informs me that I was supposed to do five circuits of this nonsense, but today I can get away with three. Three, is that okay, I ask, as if I could possibly do more. Yep, he says. See you on Wednesday.


Never a dull moment in Sooke.

And then there is the shopping. Even though the house itself is coming slowly, I have this persistent feeling that one day the builder will be saying, okay, time for the floor. Time for the appliances. The lights. The kitchen, the bathrooms, the hardware, the windows, etc, etc. And at that point, I won’t be ready. So, in preparation for that, I drag Jim once again into downtown Victoria where we proceed to SHOP.  Oh boy.

Now, this is fun. But for some reason, Jim doesn’t quite agree. At the kitchen place, he’s kind of quiet. He doesn’t like anything. At the flooring store, he’s looking at samples rather aimlessly. And at the lighting place, he’s had it. Shopping. Not his thing. But look at the selection! Who wouldn’t be enthralled by all this?

light3light4 light5

Anyway, after all that excitement, it is time to give ourselves a break and go hiking. And so, after checking on the house progress the next day to find the momentous step of concrete poured among the wooden fittings, off we go for two days ( it’s the weekend – apparently construction halts) of sun and ocean.

Hike 1:

Today we are going to a place called Mystic Beach. This involves going over the path I have described before that is covered in roots and mud, but ends in the most glorious beach and waterfall. Today the path is a little muddy (after all, it rains a bit here) but still a hoot.  Have a look.


When we get to the beach, we are boogled by the beauty once again and proceed to act our age (I do, that is).






And then, before heading back, Jim and I pose for a picture (and not an oldperson corny one, either) that we know will just thrill the grandkids to bits. When we get home, we immediately send it to all of them. The teenagers especially will like it, we’re sure.


Hike 2:

Then today, another glorious hike. This one is to a place called Beecher Bay, a path completely along the Strait of Juan de Fuca. After about six kilometers the path gets a little steep. Look for the little yellow dot. That’s the path and also the end of this hike. Scared of heights, remember? Turn around, Jim. You’re such a chicken.



And finally, after the last couple of weeks, a lounge by the pool and a bit of a rest:


Anyway, as you can see, we’re still smiling. Progress report #2 coming soon. Talk to you then. Miss you all very much.

2 thoughts on “Progress Report #1

  1. starting to shape up…….both u and the house!!! The area looks gorgeous!! Debbie and I have a small concern about the size of our guest room……..does it have its own bathroom?…if not, u still have time to include one…lol


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