Two Fries Short of a Happy Meal

CRAZY: Adjective. Afflicted with or exhibiting mental unsoundness; brainsick

Yep, that’s us. Brainsick.  Temporarily and slightly (here’s hoping) mentally unsound. That just about describes the state we were in after a month of travelling from city to city celebrating Christmas, visiting, babysitting and offering support and comfort where needed. After such a delightful but gruelling time, we nearly look and feel like the picture. Slightly crazier than usual. But happy.

Happy because we did it all, saw them all, spread ourselves thin and accomplished an amazing amount. It was a full time with lots of ups and downs and lots and lots of memories.

Consequently, here we are, ready to write and tell you all about it.  Back by popular demand (well, ONE person did mention this blog in passing), here is Walk the Edge with Us again. This post is short on outdoor adventure and pretty big on soppy family and friends stuff, so if that’s not your thing, feel free to stop now. Otherwise, get out the Kleenex and enjoy.

Some of the things (but certainly not all) we accomplished are as follows:

mom1  img_0817 img_0816

A great week staying with Terry and Nancy and mom. This couldn’t have been nicer or warmer. Thanks, all!  Also, from that home base, lots of gatherings with friends which were absolutely necessary for a few laughs and an injection of comradery.  We really look forward to doing it all again.

ben2       ben1

Early Christmas with Ben and Candice and Lexie and Turbo. What a fun and crazy household. Good food, good company and a great visit. Awesome but over way too soon!

christmas20163  christmas20168

Christmas on Vancouver Island where our choice of presents was very well-received. These faces pretty much made the day and the visit right on Christmas Day made family history. Miss them already.


A visit with our three favorite rowdies (and their mom and dad and grandma) which, as usual, was much too short. The boys made up the shortness of time, however, by just talking faster and, it seemed, continuously. It still wasn’t enough and we came away wanting much more. Next time!

christmas20161  christmas20167

A glorious babysitting day with Dennis the Menace who delighted us with his rendition of a very loud, sincere “GG!!” (Grandma Glenda) and many loud (is there any other way?) animated discussions using all his other new-found words.  PURE JOY.


A beautiful evening celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary at a Japanese restaurant that demonstrated lovely romantic gestures and very poor spelling.

christmas20162   christmas20166

An awesome three weeks (did I mention “gruelling” at the beginning of this blog? Just sayin’) where we spent endless hours crafting, exercising (together) and fulfilling  COUNTLESS requests of “Will you play with me?” Too cute for words.

christmas20165  christmas20169

And ranking up there with highly memorable, being present for the birth of our newest family member. After dark fears of complications, we were blessedly able to say, “Welcome, Keaden, miracle baby!”

After all of the above and many more things too numerous to mention, we are now “home”, that is, installed in our latest rental unit in the city of Victoria, awaiting the beginning of our house building in the nearby town of Sooke.  We are exhausted, recovering from “brainsick” and learning about this cool little community. We seem to be extremely fortunate this time as our accommodation has taken the form of the home of a friend of a friend, and what a home it is. I think we can patiently sit this one out and maybe get a little less crazy as we explore the surroundings and, believe it or not, the four floors of this house. Take a look and think of us. Lots more to come…talk soon.


2 thoughts on “Two Fries Short of a Happy Meal

  1. Great pictures and great family fun!!Just think…….when your house is complete, your family can all come to you for the holidays… will be noisy and chaotic but what fun it will be!!! Cant wait to see the pictures as you progress on this ……Happy Valentines!!!


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