What? Building a house takes a lot of thought. Somebody’s got to do it. I’m not just laying around, I’m thinking. Dreaming. Creating. It’s hard work. But here I am, sacrificing all else, just to get the ball rolling.

Actually, as you can see by the picture, I’ve found an ideal method to build a house.

It’s called, “Let Jim Do It.”

Only …kidding……………..

The real truth is that we have been having a blast. Our adventures in walking the edge have come from travelling and full time rving to renting and looking for a home base to our present activity, building a house. And it seems this task of creating our first residence together is turning out to be one of the biggest adventures of all.

In order to get things going, we’ve been running around to home stores all day, every day, confusing ourselves, learning each other’s preferences and generally discovering what we can afford and what we really, really can’t. Show homes, magazines, lumber stores, furniture galleries and on and on, with hiking adventures in between. And, after long contemplation (ie, staring at the ocean), I’ve decided I’ll take either one of these:



Ha ha, lame joke. So…getting back to reality, I really have to tell you about some of the events that are occurring during this big adventure. For instance, there was the other day at the flooring store. We’ve been looking a lot at floors have a warm cedar colour. We thought we had this great idea –  make this house very west coast looking (as if we know anything about west coast design). So, having picked out a lovely reddish wood for the main floor, off we go to the kitchen store to find cabinets that compliment a cedar colour. Then back to the floor store with cabinet samples. Looking, looking, thinking, discussing (Jim is particularly good at this with his endless patience. This, I know, is a trait of husbands everywhere). At the last minute and after finally putting together a reasonable colour scheme, my eye lands on a sample that was made of  white (white, not orangey red) oak. Screech to a halt. Back up and have a better look. Hmmm, that’s nice.  More durable, you say? Cheaper? Funky? Ok, guess what –  change of plans.  Different cupboards required, different wall colours, new couch colour, accent colours…..on and on and on. Omigod, how to decide. Jim is really being patient now.

img_1372  cherrywood-flooring


And if that isn’t enough, there’s also the hell through which we are putting our house designer . An old friend (really old after working with us),  Dennis has taken on the status of saint. He thought his job would be to draw up house plans for us. Simple. Instead, he has been creating, suggesting and advising with an amazing display of skill and talent, only to find us coming up with changes and more changes. He has faithfully drawn up the plans as we told him they should be, sent them to us for approval, and been told (maybe more than once?) that there should be “a few minor adjustments, please”. “Just a couple of little things here and there.” “Let’s move that wall, ok?”

Last week a typical discussion went like this:

Glenda: Dennis, I really, really want the patio door in the living room, not the bedroom.

Dennis: Well, okay, but then you won’t have room for the couch.

Glenda: Oh yes, I will.. I’ll pick a small couch, no problem.

Glenda after going to the furniture store: Hey Dennis, can you take the patio door out of the living room and put it back in the bedroom please? I guess you were right. Once again.

Geez. Poor Dennis. In addition, we’ve held him hostage on the phone more times than I can count (because he’s in Winnipeg and we’re in Victoria) and have had seemingly endless conversations about walls, windows, roofs, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and on and on.  But through it all, we have managed to come up with a great plan which Jim and I are finding endlessly exciting. And, hopefully, kept a old friend.  A win-win.

And lastly, there’s the thrill of finding a house builder. Hmm, this company sounds good. Their estimate is reasonable. Oh, wait. They didn’t include what? And they left out that? That’s without taxes? What do they mean by this? How does this compare with the other companies? And don’t forget…and….and….! Oh boy.


And so, being overwhelmed, we go for another hike. Walking along the ocean is fast becoming our happy place and one of which we will never tire. The sights are different every time and endlessly beautiful. This particular walk has no cliffs and no edges, thank heavens, and therefore soothes  my soul. The day is absolutely beautiful and the ocean magnificent with a huge surf and really loud roar. Wow.




Ah well, it will all be okay in the end. Not that we can see the end yet, but one can imagine. In the meantime, we will continue to walk the edge and hope you will stay with us. The second class in this course will follow shortly, but right now, class dismissed. And don’t forget that, as always, we’re…





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