August 9th of this year has become, to us, a momentous occasion. We have received  word from our agent in Winnipeg- the condo is sold. This information does many things, the biggest being that we do not, as of the possession date, own a home. That is, we don’t own a home other than our Airstream trailer. Neither do we own much furniture, a car, property or anything that resembles an address. We don’t pay rent, mortgage, property taxes, insurance, house repair bills or anything else resembling the upkeep of an address. We are free! Emotions ride high, the first being happiness. The second is a huge feeling of freedom and the third, of course, fear. All these things conflict, but so far, being healthy and optimistic and in agreement about all of this, living in a trailer is just fine.

However, according to everyone we know, this is obviously a huge step. It means Jim and I are different, so different from all our friends and relatives that it’s getting to the point where they don’t know what to say to us on this topic. They used to say politely, when we told them we were considering doing this, “Well, that sounds great, but I don’t think I could do it”. Or some version of that. Now, they just talk about other things and I’m sure, when we’re not listening, they are throwing their hands up and saying, “Those two are crazy!”

And yet, the deeper we get into this situation, the more we find out it seems to be somewhat of a yuppy dream. Sell it all and travel! Downsize and put it in the bank! Be a nomad, a transient, a dreamer, a traveller. Well, we have done all of that and more and as I write this, I have no regrets. I intend to write it all here as it happens and re-evaluate later. In a year or two. No rush. No place to go. Nothing to do but experience, keep in touch with loved ones and enjoy. Why wouldn’t this be for everybody?

And so we are off for more adventure in the next few weeks. We are again visiting children here in Comox in a great campsite in a place called Seal Bay and we have stayed here now for 7 days. For us, that’s nearly a record. I have actually considered buying a potted plant, putting out some breakable ornaments and dragging out my painting materials. But hold on, on second thought, we’re done here. That’s right, the wanderlust has hit us and tomorrow we’re on the road again. Onto a place called Salmon Point where the pinks are running and where on Sunday there is a gathering of Airstreamers. After that, we are off to what they call North Island, the part of Vancouver Island that is much less inhabited and much more wild. Hiking with the wildlife and kayaking with the whales coming up!

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