Gettin’ it Together

Well, what was the matter with us soon become very clear. We were new. We were freshly retired and hadn’t figured things out yet. As time went on, we found ourselves in Year 3 and understood that we still hadn’t completely gotten it right. But, time moves on and here we are now, in July of 2015 and, in our estimation, doing a lot better. We are experienced. We are not only retired, but are (stated with a shade of disbelief),   “RVers”.

And, having said that,  we’ve decided over the last two years that this is what we want to do for now. We want to travel, see North (and maybe South?) America and points in between and (second major decision) that we want to do it in comfort. We’ll regularly visit the kids, we’ll go home to Winnipeg whenever we feel like it, but our main activity will be to travel and additionally, do it in style.  To be, as they say, on the road but with all the comforts of home. Hallelujah.

So that brings us to today, July 28th, and our present situation. As I write this, I’m sitting beside our beautiful new travel trailer, a 27 foot Airstream Onyx, a jewel that we really love. The tent has been retired to the under-the-trailer storage and the sleeping bags given to the kids. All that remains of those wild and crazy days is the “fireside clothes’ that I keep in a tote, to be pulled out during our wilderness sojourns, and the bearspray which I hope I will never have to use. Our decision to buy a trailer has been based on wanting our own bed, washroom, kitchen and living area, and buying an Airstream has been based on many additional things. Excellent reputation is one thing. Holding value is another. But what about all that room and slideouts in motor homes; what about the washers, dryers, two bathrooms and storage in fifth wheels? All of that is great, really awesome, but it isn’t for us. That’s because another big factor in our planning is the wilderness. Both of us are sold on it, want it often (but only for about a week at a time, mind you), and are determined to make it a large part of our lifestyle. Thus, an Airstream travel trailer. Very nice, excellently built, but able to get in smaller, down-those- mysterious- road campsites. Perfect.

However, our new set-up (which we feel is now pretty darn good) didn’t come about easily or quickly. We have gradually, over the last two years, added it all up piece by piece. Our acquisitions, brainstorms and additions look something like this:

Clothes, Glenda: one half of a lovely hanging closet. To make more room, a canvas hanging shelf with partitions going all the way down – that’s the dresser. It contains all the pants, tops that can be folded, t-shirts, and at the bottom, shoes. Beside it, the hanging stuff, all contained in about 12 inches of space. In addition, two large totes of extra clothes, one under the bed and, the less often used items, in the back of the truck and, lastly, a shelf above the bed for sweatshirts and jeans. Voila. And, anything that gets grungy, isn’t a classic, or gets outdated, gone. There’s lots of stores in America. Get over it.

Clothes, Jim: The other half of the hanging closet. His clothes rarely change, so this plus the shelf over his side of the bed are it. Lots less room, but I’m not sure he’s even noticed this disparity. If so, tough luck, get over it.

Lots more to come. Keep reading.

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